Cost effective photography - Manage your photography cost per function

So you’ve started planning your wedding. While you might have a dozen ideas in mind for the photography you want, it’s important to decide on your budget at the outset. If you have a limited budget, but still want to have good wedding photography. Here are some wedding clicks which fascinates you the most. But don't worry you can get all these in your budget and can have cost effective photography now.



Here are a few ideas to help you cut corners without compromising on quality. 

Everyone wish to have cost-effective photography these days for their wedding but photography is something which always goes way far to their decided budget. This happens because of improper planning and discussion with their photographers. Here are some key points which will surely lead to cost-effective photography.

Cut your capacity to a small gathering

Gathering plays a major role in the strength of the photographer for an event. Higher gathering leads to the addition of photographers in the decided team which cause the extra cost to the client. So try to cut down the no. of guests for functions.


                                                                                                                                   Source: london darbaar 

Combine other rituals on a single day and cut the cost per day functions.

We all know that in Indian weddings there are lots of rituals along with a wedding. Rituals like haldi , Mehendi , Cocktail and many more. The major point is people can manage their cost according to the small and big functions. An example would be: if you are having wedding, haldi and mehendi all three on different days which would eventually lead to the cost of photography per day but by combining two small events on a single day you can save cost for a whole day.


Avoid videos for small events.

We usually find that video is more expensive than photography. If budget is the issue never go for the videos for small functions like tilak, haldi, and all. This can give a handsome saving during a wedding. Always prefer to have videos on the wedding day and for the functions on an ongoing wedding.


Avoid Extra costing (Drone, LEDs and all)

Always avoid these extra costing for a wedding function. These types of equipment have not that a major impact on a wedding and we can surely avoid all these things for a wedding.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Source: Google 


Ask for complimentary things from your photographer.

Some time Photographers just not only click photographs but they also provide numerous complimentary things like photo frames, wall posters, Standees, and many more. Always ask for these complimentary things also. This won't save your money directly but this too can give you a sense of relief that you are getting a lot more in your budget.














Written By - Suraj pandey on 02 Jan, 2019


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