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As we all know that every function in a wedding has its own value, its own importance. Whether its a big event of pheras or its a small event of tilak every function stand out for a big reason when the wedding is a concern. Out of these, Mehendi is one of the most important and high-value events whose memories deserve to be recalled after ages. Every wedding is a tale of two lovers who will join hands till eternity. When an Indian bride's hands are adorned with henna embarks new beginnings – new colors of life!



Mehendi is a symbol of love & Candid photography for these moments acquire the utmost importance. When we talk about candid photography, this is something which enhances the memories to a next level and everyone love to see themselves reimagine that moment in which they used to be at the time of the function.

There are lots of ways in which candid photography can be done purely and it can be well worth to remember after ages. Some of them are as follows.

  • Minimal posing

 Add a little poise and pose while getting your mehndi-laden hands clicked. To give grace to your picture it very necessary to create a content by



  • Floral surroundings

Putting some floral background or by adding some flowers to the surroundings, the candid photography can be enhanced. This leaves a great impression of the photo and it looks no less than a cherry on the cake.


  •  Monochrome Display

When you photograph picture in color, you photograph their outer appearance but when you photograph picture in black and white you photograph their souls” A greyscale picture of your henna will look absolutely gorgeous!


All in all when photography is done to make the moments memorable then why not to do it in style? Mehendi is like a soul of a function and candid photography is an integral part of photography. And now imagine the mixture of both, what you find? Yes! you are right, a flood of happy memories collected in a way you wanted them to be.




































































































Written By - Suraj pandey on 23 Dec, 2018


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