Things to do in Sangeet | Celebrations, dance, games , stage performances and many more

Indian wedding celebrations include a number of pre-wedding functions such as the Sangeet party and bridal Mehendi functions, besides other serious rituals like exchanging vows and the ring ceremony. The Sangeet is one of more fun and vibrant functions of the big fat Indian wedding. The sangeet night is one function which everyone looks forward to.

Let the Aunties come on the dance floor 

Believe it or not but in today's world, middle age women have more excitement than youths at a wedding. So keep calm and let the aunties begin the show and hit the dance floor because they still have that charm left on their face to make someone crazy for their moves.

Let crowd make the noise 

Keep whistles on the tables where your guests are seated while watching the dance performances. Let them whistle while you and your friends and family dance the night away! The whistle sound along with the clapping and hooting will add so much energy to the function. Always welcome unknown guest to hit the dance floor because remember one thing that they too have come to endorse your wedding.

Dance Performances 

We can not imagine a sangeet ceremony without dance performances. This is one of the categories which needs to happen with a high energy factor. This is one section in which everybody is ready to open their arms and enjoy the function to their fullest. Good or bad, high or low, whatever the routine is we should only enjoy the happiness and joy of the performances. 


Let the pretty ladies be in charge 

As the glam quotient of Indian weddings rose, the sangeet ceremony evolved into the focal point of the pre-wedding celebration. The days of singing simple traditional songs about Banna-Banni with dholaks, spoons, and harmonium, are over. We all know that no party can last long without beauty and prettiness. Let the pretty ladies be the center of attraction and hold that essence of the function. 




Written By - Suraj pandey on 31 Dec, 2018


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