What actually a Cinematic video is ? Come lets find out

Some people take cinematic videos to be a video which mainly works with some slow-mo clips and hi-tech editing. This perception about the cinematic films is living with half-truth in this wedding photography industry, wedding cinematic videos are more than this. Just have a look over this clip first to have a glimpse about the cinematic video

A Cinematic Wedding is a storytelling film. Where the storyteller tells your story through images or the mix of speeches, images, and music. A cinematic is shot in a way which is very compact and crisp. This mainly shows the glimpse of every event happening at a wedding which eventually is combined to tell a story about the dream wedding of a couple. This video is entirely storytelling video which doesn't focus on documenting each and every single moment of a wedding. The cinematic video is all about doing that in a creative and artistic way which helps to enhance the ultimate impact.




The old tradition of the long video is not that effective nowadays everybody wants to be with the trend only, and as far as cinematic video is the concern you'll find it in trend only. The basic portion of a cinematic video mainly covers the couple- their emotions, their memories, their way of being groom and bride. We at studio hari give a new experience of cinematic videos to our clients. With a team of 20 in-house photographers & cinematographers and around 150 freelancers on board, we assure our clients the quality and strength. 










Written By - Suraj pandey on 19 Dec, 2018


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